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At the end of the XIX century, the Lebanese mountain was submitted to the Ottoman oppression and tyranny. To escape from a difficult life in a natural hostile environment, many Maronites moved to Beirut in order to assure to their families a decent life.

With the aim of helping the most needy persons to face the difficulties of their new existence, distinguished persons from Beirut community founded in 1876 the Maronite Charity Association. In 1897, on the initiative of Mgr. Youssef EL-DEBS, Maronite archbishopric of Beirut, a group of benefactors among them Mr. Antoine EL-JALKH, Najib HOBEIKA and Antoine SHEHAIBAR undertook to restructure this Association giving it the name of Association of Brothers of the Poors. In 1933, the Association of Brothers of the Poors was endowed with new statutes and changed the name. From now on, it will be known under the name of Central Council of Maronite Societies.

The statutes of 1933 were foreseen in every parish of the Archdiocese of Beirut a society of parish charity which will group together into the Central Council of the Maronite Societies. With the expansion of the city, the number of parishes has increased from eight to fourteen and the number of the parish charity societies increased consequently. In proportion as new parishes were created, new charity societies were formed and were integrated the Council. Till today, the Council is formed from the following parish charity societies: Saint George, Saint Maron, Saint Elie, Saint Michel, Saint Joseph, Our-Lady of Deliverance, Saint John the Baptist, Our-Lady of Rosary, The Sacred Heart, Saint Anthony, Our-Lady of Donation, Saint Sharbel, Saint Peter & Paul and Saint Anthony the Great.

The Pioneers

Antoine Bey ChehaibarNejib Habib HobeikaAntoine Ibrahim El Jalkh

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