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  • President
    Mr. Joseph Zeidan

  • Vice-President and Director of the Cultural Center
    Mr. Antoine Tyan

  • General Secretary
    Mr. Antoine Nawar

  • Treasurer
    Mr. Faddoul Rouphaél

  • Financial Controller
    Mr. Antoine Nasr

  • Assistant General Secretary
    Mr. Antoine Andrawos

  • Delegate near the CCMS
    Mr. Gebrael Zaidan

  • Protocol
    Mr. Joseph Sawma

  • Public Relations
    Mr. Elie Abi-Rached

  • Councilors
    Mr.Michel Nasr
    Mr. Pierre Naouar

St-John Baptist center

Situated in Adib Izhac street, the St-John Baptist center is accomodating in its premises:

- The Maronite charity society of St-John Baptist
- A free clinic appreciated by the residents equipped in 2009 with a dental clinic
- A nursery
- The Hope and Light that is devoting to the disabled children
- The Association of the Ladies of Social Aid that collects new and used clothes to be distributed freely to the needy persons or to “sale” them at a symbolic price
- Intensive courses of preparation to the official exams

Contact Info
Beirut, Medawar, Rahban Street
Central Council of the Maronite Societies Bldg. 8th - 9th floor
P.O.Box 175/475 Beirut, Lebanon


+961 1 449500/+961 1 442029
+961 1 565652/+961 1 448816
+961 1 572157
[email protected]
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