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Executive Office



Central Council of the Maronite Societies Executive Office 2018-2020

Executive Board Elected by the General Assembly


H.E.Cheikh Wadih El-Khazen President
Me. Emile Makhlouf Vice President
Eng. Antoine Kyrillos General Secretary
Me. Michel Comaty Financial Controller
Eng. Michel Matta Assistant General Secretary
Mr. Antoine Ramia Treasurer
Eng. Roland Ghostine Head of Projects

Presidents of Commissions

  • Emir Walid Chéhab
  • Me. Rabih Hatem
  • Mr. Chucri Husseini (2018) Rami Chidiac (2019-2020)
  • Dr. Georges Hayek
  • Me. Walid Khoury
  • Mr. Maroun Rizkallah
  • Eng. Antoine Koyess