Humanitarian Activities

The Development Center of Beirut


This medico-social pilot center assures medical care and course of levels.

The Central Dispensary

The free clinic is agreed by the Ministry of Health and it is operating in
association with the Ministry of Social Affairs. It receives patients without
distinction of race, nationality or religion. The treatments are ensured by a
team of eleven qualified and voluntary physicians. This center is equipped with
a pharmacy that ensures on prescription the available medicine as well as with
dental clinic.

Thanks to the donators’ generosity, the Central Council of the Maronite Societies was able to establish and equip a medical center including pediatric, dental, ophthalmological, gynecological clinics and others in the headquarters in Medawar Street.

Doctor Speciality
Dr. Rita Khoury Pediatric
Dr. Charles Yaacoub Psychiatric
Dr. Toufic Richa Dentist
Mlle. Marie Paule Belle Nutritionnist
Dr. Nadia Sfeir Ophtalmologist
Dr. Raymond Saad Cardiologist
Dr. Tarek Elias Gynéco-Obstetrician
Dr. Antonio Chalhoub Orthopedist
Dr. Joseph Dibé Gastro-enterologist
Dr. Fady Ahmar Generalist
Dr. Tatiana Roukeibi Pharmacy


Adults Education Program – Upgrading Courses

Education has always been at the heart of CCMS’s priorities. Today, technical and professional education is one of the major preoccupations of the CCMS.

In a world in perpetual change, courses of level in data processing and in computer courses and
foreign languages are ensured to the adults wishing to ameliorate their

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