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 Great Cross of the Maronite Central Council



The “Great Cross” of the Maronite Central Council was instituted in 2011 to commemorate the one hundred and thirty fifth anniversary of the foundation of the council.

The decoration is a 60 mm diameter enameled star with five double yellow and green rays which reflects the colors of the Council. The rays are linked by a green enameled ring bearing five maronite crosses. At the center of the star, a medallion decorated with oak leaves present on the obverse the effigy of the Maronite cross with in circular, in the upper part the words ” المجلس العام الماروني” , , and in the bottom part the words “ Conseil Central Maronite”. On the reverse are the embossed words “الملجلس العام الماروني.” The star is suspended from a laurel wreath with enamel, with green leaves.

The medal is suspended to a satin “Gros Grain” ribbon with a 40 mm yellow and green stripe, is worn around the neck.

The reduced format of the” Great Cross” is worn on the jacket left side and is the exact replica of the “Great Cross”.

The dignity of “Great Cross” is automatically conferred to the Presidents of the Lebanese republic, the Maronite Patriarchs and the Presidents of the Central Maronite Council. It is also conferred to the benefactors who help, encourage and assist the Central Maronite Council in its works and achievements.

For the nomination to the dignity of “Great Cross”, the Central Maronite Council President addresses proposals to the executive committee where the decisions are taken.

A patent bearing the signature of the Central Maronite Council President and that of the secretary general are delivered during the remittance of the decoration to all dignitaries who are awarded the “Great Cross” of the Maronite Central Council.




Rosette of the Maronite Central Council Great Cross