Humanitarian Activities


mission of the Maronite Central Council is to provide its help to the most
deprived of the Maronite community, to ensure at the best the free education to
the most needy persons and to raise the social and cultural level of the

Urging the education as a right allowing to better face the adult life, the
Council reinforced its initiatives in the educative field beside the
underprivileged classes. Between 1940 and 1975, it opened five free schools that
was bringing together more than 1,700 pupils.

The more famous Maronite figures of the finance world, business and politics
were assembled within the Maronite Central Council which, secure in their
support, redoubled efforts to realize new humanitarian projects. The existing
schools were enlarged, new ones were created as well as free clinics.

Today, the Maronite Central Council is encouraging the charity parochial societies
to go ahead providing them with moral help and material aid. In parallel, it is
developing activities that are characteristic of it in phase with the evolution
and the needs of our society.

Let’s cite as examples some of the realizations:

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