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 Patriotic Commitment


At the beginning of the years fifty, the Maronite Central Council knew some political differences among its members. In order to preserve the social action far from any conflict and to permit to its members to open to political horizons of their choices, the Council encouraged the foundation of an entity of an exclusively political aim. This is how the Maronite League was created in August 1952.

The role of the Maronite Central Council in the foundation of the Maronite League was of an importance such as from 1952 till 1969, the president of the Maronite Central Council was elected as a matter of course president of the Maronite League and during long time all the members of the council were as of right members of the League. In 1959, the parliament member Chaker ABOU-SLEIMAN who was not member of the Maronite Central Council acceded to the presidency of the League. Since then, every institution has his own president without that this new situation affects the tight links that unify the two institutions till today date.

Today, the activity of the Maronite Central Council is oriented more and more towards the charitable and humanitarian social fields without for all that to move away from the commitment at the national level.